Welcome to my blog and photo galleries.

The images you are about to see are the manifestation of life as I perceive it, as captured by my camera, or product of my imagination and creativity.


Based in Maui, Hawaii, this wonderful island state is so rich in nature and cultural diversity that a constant flow of opportunities allow me to cultivate this passion.

My approach to photography is to capture what I witness, with as little interference as possible. As a general rule, nothing is manicured, preset or altered in any way at the moment of capture. I use as much natural light as I can, except underwater where I have no choice.

All wildlife interactions are spontaneous and unprovoked. Animals are photographed in their natural environment and showing their normal behavior. Nothing is forced.

From amazing underwater coral reefs and its fragile ecosystem, so much threatened by urban development, overfishing, aquarium collection and all forms of human depletion, to stunning dramatic landscapes where nature explodes in a symphony of colors, so rich that blur the boundaries between reality and imagination. And the protagonists of this never ending drama of life, their culture and activities, their feelings and manifestations. I photograph what captures my attention.

Join me in this journey of discovery of some of the wonders we look at everyday but we hardly ever really see. Hopefully my work will help revert this and create the proactive conscience to educate ourselves, preserve and respect our natural environment and its inhabitants.

This world is the only home we have, never forget that.

The slideshow feature available in all galleries provides a richer experience. Watch it in full screen.The blog is where I document my journey..

Thank you for visiting and I hope you find me interesting enough to keep me in your bookmarks to come back frequently

Aloha !


Fernando Lopez Arbarello

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